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on August 27, 2012

It is surprising how difficult it is to be regular, to keep at something no matter how much one loves it. But then, it should come as no surprise. Every New Years’, determinations as countless as snowflakes on a wintry day fly around only to melt away as fast as icicles on a leaf exposed to summer rays. Many a solid determinations of mine have melted away too. (Like regularly writing for this blog. But then the summer vacation breeze blew by and all was forgotten.) Which got me thinking:

What is it about determinations that they never fail to fail ?!

Is it a person thing – that some people just walk through and reach the end while others need sign posts and reminders (and occasional yellings) to pull them through? Is it about how passionate you are – so if you wish the stack of work in front of you would vanish when you blink, you are not doing what you love? Or is it just that every once a while, we all need a break – a break to let our minds wander but we let it wander and laze too much ?

I am still searching for an answer to my question. But I do realise one thing. There is no joy, no happiness and no victory in succumbing to this unknown. The word Determination by itself signifies something that is not going to be easy to achieve. If it were, we wouldn’t grant it a word as strong and bold as Determination. Determination stands for a decision made, a strength found to challenge what life throws at us, a dedication to change it to what we want and a will to experience life – complete with its ups and downs.

Which is why, I guess, I am feeling joy and pride as I write this, as I get back to doing something I love. The struggle of giving words to thoughts feels so much more satisying and fulfilling than sitting by and thinking about an abandoned blog. The secret of those beautiful snowflakes is then to redetermine every time like they feel they are melting away.

It’s not winter here but it’s sure snowing where I am!

Resolutions are not for me!

Resolutions are not for me!


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