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Meet the Science SuperHeroes!

on April 17, 2012

This weekend is going to be particularly exciting!

For the first time ever, NTU is hosting the Molecular Frontiers Symposium. Very simply put,  it is a get together of the most brilliant minds in the field of molecular science from all over the world!

Molecular Frontiers Symposium, NTU

Molecular Frontiers Symposium, NTU

Molecular Frontiers is an organization that aims to promote the understanding and appreciation of molecular sciences all over the globe, especially among the youth. It’s website states the simple fact “Molecules are everywhere..” to highlight the importance and relevance of this field.

Molecular Frontiers Symposiums are one such platform where the youth of the world get to interact with the brainiest of the brainy! One can hear about their research and the latest developments in the field straight from them and ask any and every question that they have ever wanted to ask these amazing minds in science – what interested them in this field to their pet’s name (I am told).

Well, so NTU will be hosting such a Molecular Frontiers Symposium for the first time ever. Gracing the event with their presence and their lectures are brilliant people – top Professors from top Universities, Noble Prize laureates,   Fellows of various Royal Societies – the list is long.

The fun part (for a few of us) is that the President of NTU, loved our TEDxNTU event so much that he invited us to join the organizing committee  of the  Molecular Frontiers Symposium. Lovely! As always, I took to designing and over the weekend, my friend and I had a website up and running!

Oh! I am not going to trivialize the invited speakers by rattling out their list of names here. Each one deserves much more than that. The invited speakers along with their bio-data and the background of their talk are here. These really are some people whom we, on an ordinary day, can never think of seeing – forget having a chance to hear them and interact with them!

I am surely going for the Symposium – even if it is not my field. If you are anywhere in Singapore, you should come too! Or if you can’t make it, watch the Live Stream! But do not miss this chance to meet the Science Superheroes!

Meet the Science Superheroes!

Meet the Science Superheroes!


One response to “Meet the Science SuperHeroes!

  1. archierocks says:

    Amazing job on the poster. I am checking it only here 🙂

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