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A Happy End to TEDxNTU – The Pursuit of Happiness!

on March 19, 2012

TEDxNTU was a resounding success!

8 amazing speakers. 420 attendees. A day of discovering Happiness.

We knew when we picked the topic that it was a slight risk. Either the event would be a hit or a flop. There was nothing in between these two extremes. The speakers we had picked were renowned and knowledgeable in their respective fields. The success of the event then depended on the way the speakers presented their material. They could either enthrall and educate the audience or put them all to sleep.

Amazingly, the risk paid off! Judging from the response of the audience, during and after the show, each speaker did an amazing job with his/her topic. They were all impressed with the content and presentation of the talks.

Further more, they were impressed that a group of students could organize such an event on such a grand scale in the university in spite of the fact that they do not form a Club or Organization (which usually have more support from the University Administration). We are just a bunch of students doing what we do because we like what we do – and we do it well!

Kicking off TEDxNTU - The Pursuit of Happiness

Kicking off TEDxNTU - The Pursuit of Happiness at Lee Kong Chian Lecture Theater, NTU

Channel News Asia covered the event and I must say, explained the gist of all the talks really well in their article here and video here. Twitter went berserk with people tweeting about the talks and their opinions. People walked up to us repeatedly telling us how much they were enjoying and liking the talks. Yay!

It’s just the third event we have organised and it’s been a blast – for us, the organizers and the attendees. Photos and videos should up soon. Meanwhile, for those who missed the event (tsk tsk!) but do not want to miss what the speakers shared, here’s s a nice write-up for you!

It’s amazing to organize an event which people enjoy and when they can really take back something from it. It brings a kind of happiness – the happiness that one gets from spreading happiness! (also one of the tips that the speakers at the event gave to stay happy).

Looking forward to the next TEDxNTU event scheduled for October!


4 responses to “A Happy End to TEDxNTU – The Pursuit of Happiness!

  1. Nice post! I wanted to do something similar too 🙂 Yaaaay! So true to people walking up to say how much they were enjoying!!

  2. sunraysme says:

    Haha! True! That did give the most satisfaction, didn’t it? To know that we made a difference somewhere. 🙂 The little ego me loved it when people said they loved the design. 😉

    • Indeed 🙂 Someone asked extra laptop stickers because the design was “really colourful” . I couldn’t find you around so decided to preen a bit with – “it was designed by a member in our OC team’ !

      • sunraysme says:

        Damn it! missed it. 🙂 Hahaa! That does make all the effort seem worth it ! 🙂 Which reminds me: do pass me a few stickers too if there are any left!

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