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the art of Writing

on March 12, 2012

Saturday was a long day!

I achieved the excruciatingly boring and painful (for my poor hand) task of writing the Log Book for my IA. I had to fill in entries for the past eight weeks (come on! no one is regular!). It was like writing multiple language papers together made worse by the fact that my hand has completely lost the practice of Writing – the task of holding a pen and creating legible words on paper. Thanks to today’s digital age, all submissions, letters, notes,everything is done using Microsoft Word. Then one such day comes by when you have to Write! The effort to keep my handwriting readable, to make sure by ‘s’ and my ‘r’ look different, my ‘d’ and my ‘a’ do not look the same takes up half my concentration and I lose track of what I am writing. This is especially bad during exams since sometimes, I anyway have no clue what I am writing. Well, many painful hours later and thanks to ‘Bruce Almighty’ and ‘Angels and Demons’, I finished!

But the whole effort got me thinking about the lost art of Writing. In school, I had two whole hours dedicated to ‘Cursive Writing’ every week – the time when we sat with our ‘red-and -blue line book’ making an effort to trace out alphabets, make sure the ‘l’ touched the top line but the ‘t’ did not, that the ‘g’ and the ‘y’ touched the bottom line and formed a nice loop, that the dot on the ‘i’ did not look like a random pencil (oh yeah! pencils!) mark. Frankly, I never enjoyed the class but the whole exercise seemed practical seeing that we made a lot of handwritten projects and nice handwriting always made a good impression on the teacher (and got you a better grade). So was the art of  cancelling out words neatly.

Then that slowly started dying away. As we progressed to higher classes, some teachers would insist on reports being typed, possibly to avoid reading our horrible scribbled sheets of paper – I guess no one took those handwriting classes seriously . Now in University, the only time I Write is during exams.

Today, I assume the attention paid by a student to Writing will be even lesser seeing the spread of technology and the use of Microsoft Word for ALL submissions and reports. I mean when is the time we actually Wrote a letter and did not E-mail someone? Yeah ok, e-mails are so much faster so why bother using the snail mail. But I guess that’s how good handwriting is going to die. At the hands of modern technology.

In school, I never paid attention to my writing because I was that lazy. Today, I guess no one sees the point of spending time on something you are hardly going to use.

That said, nothing beats the warmth that a handwritten letter holds. My mom has written a few letters and a lot of e-mails to me but trust me, it’s those letters that I remember the most and which make me smile. Even if she scribbled those letters in a bus.


One response to “the art of Writing

  1. Archana says:

    I agree 🙂 I lost my handwriting completely after I switched to a digital diary !

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