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Kitty Cat

on March 7, 2012

The place where I live has a cat – coal black with glowing green eyes. Now, I have never been particularly fond of cats – I prefer dogs- but this one stayed out of my way and so never bothered me – till a few days ago.

I dropped one of my shirts outside and kitty decided that it makes a wonderful and cozy bed.  I swear it freaked the lights out of me when I opened the door that night to find her stretched out on my shirt, staring at me with steady green eyes – I couldn’t decide if she was just politely wondering who woke her out of her sleep or getting ready to scratch the hell out of the offender.  Ok, that sounds paranoid. But I really wish there was a cat equivalent of the dog’s wagging-tail-when-happy sign.

Anyway, kitty decided to stay around for the next few days. She’d shadily sneak around other doors and stare (glare?) at me as I went to and fro doing my laundry or filling the water bottles. And I’d feel as comfortable as that tiny kid who is new comer to a school and has the eyes of the whole class on him while he is being introduced – sort of like Puss in Puss in Boots.

The last time I was waiting for the washing machine to stop spinning – it told me 8 minutes left- and yet again kitty was staring (glaring?) at me. Only this time, having nothing to do, I was staring back – wondering what she was thinking and then wondering if she was wondering what I am thinking and then wondering what cats think -“Hmmmm, fish” “Hmmmm sleep” is the only thing that comes to my head.

And that’s the last I have seen of her! My shirt (which I was utterly lazy to pick) is gone as well. You know what ? I sort of miss her. To some tiny extent.

Damn it!


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