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Mission Wrap

on March 5, 2012

I have NEVER cooked in my life. My biggest achievement is ready to make noodles. And sandwiches with Nutella. I have never gone beyond that and have never had the inclination to do so. Today, I decided to have a wrap for dinner. To MAKE it myself and have it. Honestly, don’t ask why. I don’t know. I might be bored of Subway or I am realising that with the Industrial Attachment, I do have time on my hands to experiment with things. Whatever.

Step One:Draw up a shopping list. Use Google to tell you what all you need. Get confused by the number of recipes. Call friend and ask for basic items that should be in a wrap. Also ask where you can buy them.Write everything on a paper.

Step Two: Locate store. Pick up basket. Walk around the store looking at the paper and the shelves and try not to bang people with the basket. Walk around a dozen times feeling lost and definitely looking like an idiot. Ask the store helper for ‘Salsa sauce’ and get redirected to the ‘Tomato Ketchup’ section. Give up and call friend again. Locate salsa sauce with his directions. Feel good. Go on a treasure hunt for other items in the list. Feel very happy when you find grated cheese. An hour later, walk out with two heavy bags.

Step Three: Realise you don’t have a knife. Ask your friend to get one on his way back. Wait with nothing to do.

Step Four: Friend starts chopping the carrots into long pieces and the onions into rings. Meanwhile, you try opening bottle of salsa, tear the lettuce, find plates and a spoon.

Step Five: Take a wrap, spread salsa sauce over it, dump a few cut carrots, onions and lettuce. Tear roasted black pepper chicken, dip it in mayonnaise and add it to the wrap. Dump a whole lot of cheese over everything.

Step Six: Realise the plate doesn’t fit in the microwave. Balance the open wrap with all the filling and put it in the microwave. Heat till you see the cheese melting.

Step seven: Pull the frikking hot wrap out and run to the plate without spilling anything.

Step eight:Roll the wrap from three sides leaving one end open.

Step nine: Admire your work and feel really happy at your accomplishment.

Step ten: Repeat the nine steps above till you think you have enough wraps.

Honestly, the wraps were pretty good! The chicken in the mayonnaise added a really nice flavour. The melted cheese was oh so good! I was rather generous with the salsa sauce in the beginning though and that does tend to over power any other taste possible.

On the shopping front, I need to learn how to buy good onions and also have a better idea of how much of each to buy. I have a whole lot of carrots left and am going to be Bugs Bunny for a few days by the looks of it.

Overall, damn happy with my first cooking session!


4 responses to “Mission Wrap

  1. You forgot to mention the Lays – Sour Cream conundrum 😀

    • sunraysme says:

      TRUE! Haha! Here it is:

      (part of ) Step Two: Fail to locate Sour cream. Ask another guy for help to locate a bottle of Sour Cream – not the same one in case he thinks you are a complete blonde. That guy decided that they do not have sour cream and suggests you get a packet of Lays Sour Cream and Onion.

  2. Archana says:

    Hilarious! I can so totally imagine running around halls of NTU to get this done 🙂

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