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An app for your car!

on March 4, 2012

Yup! That’s the next thing in the auto mobile industry – making your car as smart as your smartphone.

General Motots and Nissan already have apps that let the user lock their cars or check the gas levels using their Android smartphone. BMW is aiming to make the dashboard of the car an interactive screen. But the most promising combination comes from the company Ford with Bug Labs.

Using the open-source Android software and the open-source Arduino hardware, Ford has created the OpenXS platform. OpenXS basically is a way for the Android to interact with the internal systems of the car. The Arduino works as the hardware connection between the two via an USB.

Ford estimates that the average car has a life expectancy of 13 years, while the average smartphone is changed every 1.5-2 years. By that calculation, the ‘smart car; that a company designs and rolls out into the market is going to be obsolete before it even enters the market! OpenXC lives upto this challenge by working by way of simple upgrades and interchangeability. So if you decide you want this amazing new thing that is out in the market, just get the corresponding hardware- software combo and literally, plug it into your existing car system!

Meanwhile, Research in Motion integrated their QNX system into a Porsche car while keeping the hardware exactly the same. The QNX – a Real-Time Operating Software – controls a few consoles in the car which are basically some BlackBerry PlayBook touch screens. The driver and the passenger can control the audio in the car, play videos via the headsets, make phone calls with amazing Bose speakers and a whole lot with these consoles.The audio system uses full duplex stereo and spatial recognition to engage different channels (two 48 KHz channels) for different voices and control the delivery of audio in a surround-sound way. Amazing! Another revolution on the smart car front!


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