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J’etude le français!

on March 1, 2012

The funny thing about IA is that it leaves me with a lot of time but no time at all.

I leave at 6:30am and get back by 5:30pm. So technically, I have the whole evening . But damn it! That evening just flies by. By the time I freshen up and have dinner, its bed time (ok, I sleep really early!). I sort of dislike this because now, my life has been reduced to that one cycle I hate: get up, go to work, come back, have dinner while watching some random videos, sleep, get up… I miss everything that i used to do in high school – music, Kathak, sports, art.

So the plan now is to do something to stimulate those grey cells. Plan One: Re-learning french! I did french for 2 years in high school but I never was very serious and never able to read books or watch “Paris, Je t’aime” (obviously). And oh, let’s not get started on my spoken french! C’est terrible!

So I ran through a whole collection of french books and have picked up “The Ultimate French review and practice” by David Stillman. It seems to be a handy book for someone who has done french before and forgotten most of it, so it suits me rather well. Unfortunately, my library doesn’t hand in the book with the CD. I guess I’ll brush up a bit of french and then go hunting for a CD for the pronunciations.

Till now, I have only got past Chapter One- present tense of the regular verbs. Nice and concise. Lays down the rules and exceptions without creating confusion.

Let’s see how it goes!

à bientôt!


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