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2 Weeks Later

on January 22, 2012

Its been two weeks into my new job.

It’s pretty much the same everyday. The everyday struggle to wake up at 5:30 am, the running for the bus, the sleeping in the bus, the extra strong coffee to wake me up, the work, the water breaks, the lunch, the back to work, the thought of going back and crashing, the coming back to home, the packing dinner, the not-able-to-sleep syndrome, the mail checking and replying and the final crashing before its midnight.

The first day, I was so paranoid that I literally woke up every 20 minutes throughout the night. I took 15 minutes to convince myself that I had worn my formals the right way – the shirt goes with the trousers, the hair is pinned and neat, the shirt is ironed and the shoes don’t hurt that much.

That day at work, I was left jobless for half a day, spent lunch listening to Chinese and spoke three lines the whole day. Depressing. I was pretty broken and hearing stories about other people’s amazing first day didn’t help a tiny bit.

That’s when I saw this note I had stuck on my board ages ago.

“Without rivers there would be no ocean. Without hardship there would be no growth. Hardships are the opportunity to grow a stronger self.”

Since that first day though, a lot has changed. I dont keep waking up at night. Everyday I set the alarm 5 minutes late and now wake up comfortably at 5:45 am. I wear formals with the same care that I wore jeans. I don’t run for the bus. I have a good breakfast. From no conversation, I have progressed to morning greetings and small talks about food and India and NTU. My supervisor smiles and talks each time we meet. I am at my desk the whole day happily trying to put together on paper the temperature system they want.  Lunch is chicken rice but sometimes pizza. I get back at 5:45 pm, rest a bit, attack University work and have dinner.  And then I sleep by midnight.

The plan now? To get some more interesting work done since I have so much time on my hands. Ok, not so much but more than what I had last semester when I was working on the solar car!

So, this week’s score:

1. Waking up on time and not sleeping at work – tick!

2. Publicity material for Project Gratitude -tick!

3. Having breakfast everyday – tick!

There’s a lot lined up for the next week. Time to attack that now!

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